How to Choose a Bike Headlight

6000lm 3 x CREE XM-L T6 LED headlight

Suitable for different types of uses, for home maintenance and outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, hiking, climbing, read a map, etc., is easy to use because it leaves your hands free. Even in total darkness provides a powerful beam of light and breadth. The battery has a long life and the exterior material is resistant and waterproof.

Models of torches

The torches are ideal when you need to illuminate in a certain direction or a precise spot, but for example, if you are ever in the campground and you need to illuminate a wider area, you should opt for a lantern. Camping lanterns and lamps can be supplied with gas/fuel and battery power and guarantee a more diffused light and warm, but often less intense. Lieutenant in mind that electric lamps are safer than the gas, which generate heat and need to be used away from the tent. Newer models have added a number of additional features, like the ability to adjust the intensity of light, set a timer or to attach the lamp to the tent or in a tree.

How to Choose a Bike HeadlightIn case you need a beam of light that is focused on a certain direction you have to opt for a flashlight.

Regarding models of bike headlights, there are essentially 3 main categories:

  • Portable flashlight. It is compact and lightweight models that offer however powerful lighting LED and Xenon technologies. They are available in various sizes, from tiny ones to attach to your keychain to those paperbacks up at larger versions. When you buy a portable flashlight is important to consider all the characteristics, by relating the weight with the size, power and energy consumption and choosing the solution that best suits your needs, remembering that, as a general rule, the bigger and more powerful flashlights consume more power. If you need an accurate lighting, choose a model with adjustable focus so if necessary you can focus the beam on a precise point and narrower. Most flashlights are made in such a way as to withstand adverse weather conditions such as snow and rain, but if you have to use them in the water you have to opt for dive template packs.
  • Headlights. This model is widely used by climbers, runners, cyclists, hikers, fishermen and workers because it illuminates but leaves your hands free. Consist of an adjustable band to be placed in the head and also the lamp can be adjusted to level of intensity and direction.However, there are various types of headlamp, which differ in size, power and bulb used, although most models has a LED light of various colors (red for example is ideal to improve your night vision).
  • Hand-cranked Flashlight. Very useful if you don’t have a power source, this flashlight requires no batteries, gas or electricity. You can save space in your backpack and money because you won’t have to buy and take with you the batteries and the only effort required is to … physical! To charge it, in fact, simply turn the crank, but the ignition may not immediately so this type of torch is not advisable when you have little time or in an emergency; Alternatively you can opt for models with dual power, crank and a battery.

Gas lantern from Campingaz 206 L

Practical and easy to handle, thanks to the carrying handle/engagement, this lamp is very useful on camping or any outdoor activity. Easy to turn on and use, is powered by rechargeable gas cartridges and you can adjust the intensity to get a soft light or stronger lighting.

Ansmann HD3, LED headlight

Comfortable to carry in your head, this flashlight is perfect for outdoor sports activities, such as running and cycling, because light, very stable and realized with reflectors side bands that guarantee maximum safety; can also be used in the House as an emergency light or for maintenance. The beam is very powerful.

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