Paint walls black

Back in Black – 10 great black decoration ideas

Black. The darkest of all colors visible to us. “Black is not a color at all, black is a contrast” is what the nerds are now shouting, but we ignore these calls and present you with black decoration ideas for your entire house in this article! Black furniture and decoration are mystical and dark, but also create contrast, decisive and masculine. If you would like it to be dazzlingly bright, we recommend our blog article “ Some like it white: 10 great ideas for white decoration at home ”.

10 great black decoration ideas

Why black decoration?

  • Black decorationlooks modern and has a decisive and consistent character.
  • Black decoration creates exciting contrasts and stands out.
  • Decoration in black fits into many decorative styles
  • Black decorative objects can also visually fade into the background and bring other decorative elements into focus, thus acting as “supporters” in the decorative arrangement; an example of this are black vaseswith light flowers.

Paint walls black

“That’s oppressive!” some will think and yes, too much black can visually make a room appear smaller, as can dark blue or dark green. But in high rooms in old buildings you can also feel lost surrounded by glistening white. Embrace dark colors, dark colors can provide a feeling of calm and security. In addition, there is not only the blackest black, Vanta Black, but also many other black and anthracite tones. In addition, dark walls ensure that different colored room elements such as tables, sofas and wall decorations “pop” more. If you paint your walls black, avoid painting the ceiling dark and instead use a lighter floor covering.

Paint walls black

Decorate in Black with a Wall Clock

To decorate in black with a wall clock, start by selecting a sleek, minimalist clock with black casing to complement the theme. Hang it as a focal point on a white or light-colored wall for contrast. Surround the clock with black-and-white framed art or photographs to enhance the monochromatic aesthetic. Integrate metallic accents like silver or gold for a touch of sophistication. Consider adding a few black decorative objects such as vases or sculptures to balance the space. Keep the overall decor clean and uncluttered to let the black elements stand out. This combination creates a modern, chic ambiance with timeless appeal.

Industrial Style: The marriage of metal and wood

Natural raw wood, determined metal, brick walls – the rustic charm of an old factory. Industrial chic is based on the aesthetics of early industrialization at the beginning of the 20th century and is a wild mix of old and new. This creates a very cool style. The factory style also includes vintage decoration such as old blueprints and tools and pulleys, with Bauhaus decoration in a concrete look. When it comes to industrial decoration, black metal elements are an integral part of the design. Striking, exciting contrasts are created between natural wood, preferably with visible grain, or vintage wood with signs of wear and metal accents.

Black industrial decoration ideas

Black industrial decoration ideas

· Black industrial lamps

Black metal lamps are the ideal lighting in the industrial style. The interior of the lamp is often kept in a warm metal tone such as brass, gold, or copper and, in conjunction with Edison lamps (filament lamps), provide a warm, cozy light.

Black industrial furniture

· Black industrial furniture

In many industrial chic furniture you will find black elements such as table legs, chair legs, shelf frames; these dark metal parts are often set with natural counterparts such as rustic wood or brown suede. The trend in industrial design is more in the modern direction, meaning clear shapes and straight lines are preferred for industrial furniture.

· Industrial candle holder

Just like other industrial style lighting, candle holders made of black metal combined with the warm light of candles bring coziness to your home.

lack Dining Room Furniture

Modern Style: Black Dining Room Furniture

White walls, strong contrasts – a modern, sober dining room is created. Industrial chairs made of matt black metal, the matt black runners of the table engage in an exciting battle with the natural wooden table top. The factory style hanging lamp provides the necessary lighting. For the table decoration, you rely on modern decorative objects in a minimalist, geometric style, while for the flower decoration you rely on indestructible artificial flowers in the form of umbelliferous plants, which also have a very geometric look. Minimalist dried flowers such as black poppy flower capsules are also a suitable option – these can easily be colored with a spray can.

Black table decoration

When it comes to table decorations in black, you have a wide choice when it comes to designing tables such as dining tables and coffee tables. Of course, the table decorations are also suitable for decorating sideboards and chests of drawers.

Black tableware, placemats and tablecloths

It doesn’t always have to be grandma’s white ornate dishes with gold rims: modern times are brought to the table with black plates and serving boards! Textiles such as tablecloths, table runners and fabric napkins are of course also available in black.

Black candlesticks

With black candlesticks and candle holders, depending on the surroundings, a light candle itself comes into the foreground. If the table is rather bright, a dark tea light holder creates an exciting contrast.

Decorate black brick shapes: A modern table decoration

Decorating old brick molds and brick molds is a very diverse form of table decoration that can be ideally adapted to the respective season. A black brick shape goes great with the industrial style. To achieve an exciting contrast, decorate the wooden form with a lighter filling such as cotton buds or gypsophila ( Gypsophilia ). Small succulents such as echeverias or zebra harworthias also provide an exciting contrast with dark brick shapes.

Black tableware, placemats and tablecloths

Black vases and floral decorations

In addition to candles, vases with flowers are of course absolute classic table decorations. Black vases create contrasts. In a black vase you can give many flowers a little more radiance and really showcase them! The vase itself fades into the background and lets your fresh flowers or dried flowers become the star of the decoration. Black vases go well with modern decoration, minimalist decoration and industrial decoration. Vases such as donut vases, vases with grooves and silhouette vases provide a modern look on the table.

Modern maritime decoration in black

Are you crazy about the sea? Maritime decoration doesn’t always have to be bright or natural – you can give the beach decoration with black maritime decoration a very modern look. Black anchors, black shells and ships are modern eye-catchers. Combine your black maritime decoration with maritime murals such as ship scenes or lighthouses in black and white.

Black decoration for the entrance to the house and the garden

Clear, modern and black: There are also black options for decorating your house entrance !

Black vases and floral decorations

House entrance decoration with black lanterns

Modern black lanterns are a great decoration for the entrance area, both as a lantern to stand up and as a lantern to hang. Designers like A2 Living have them in their stylish outdoor collections. Of course, black lanterns are also available in a vintage look, and they also go perfectly with maritime decorations for the house entrance. Combine your lanterns with weatherproof LED candles or outdoor candles.

Modern front door decoration: Black wreaths for the front door

Whether seasonal decoration such as Christmas and Advent wreaths, or as everyday front door decoration, alongside the welcome sign and the doormat, wreaths are among the most popular elements in front door decoration, for example from Vosteen or Couronne. Tip: Use adhesive hooks to hang the wreaths so you don’t damage your front door.

Black flower pots and containers

You can also give the plant decorations in the house entrance, garden and terrace a black coat by planting your green protégés in black pots and planters. The same applies here: Black pots show off the plants more!

Black Christmas decorations

Are you completely tired of the eternal red, green and gold? Want modern Christmas decorations ? Christmas decorations in black promise a stylish change during Advent! Black decorative accessories go perfectly with minimalist Christmas decorations or with Christmas decorations in an industrial style.

· Black Christmas tree decorations

The Christmas tree is decorated in a modern way with black Christmas tree decorations. Black Christmas tree balls and stars do not push themselves into the foreground. Be sure to try out a monochrome decorated Christmas tree, using only black, gray and white Christmas decorations.

· Black stars and paper stars

Whether it’s a Christmas window decoration, a Christmas tree decoration, or a decorative object to display – stars are an integral part of Advent decoration.

· Black light houses and candle decorations

It is pitch black and cold outside, warm candlelight burns inside the house as we sit down on the sofa armed with tangerines and speculoos and watch “Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella” for the fiftieth time. Decoration with candles is simply part of Christmas and winter! Whether modern candle holders in a deer look (e.g. from Affari of Sweden ) or the cool light houses from Boltze Home for minimalist Christmas decorations – with black candle decorations we bring coolness into the Christmas decorations!

· Black Advent wreaths

Four Sundays, Four Candles: You can also design the Christmas and Advent wreaths for the table, the wall or the front door in black – in fact without any fir green. Bell wreaths made of black metal are a nice idea for doors and walls: lots of little bells make a really cool wreath. Pouffe wreaths, 3D Wallart Advent wreaths made of wood (e.g. NOGALLERY )

· Black deer decorations, gnome decorations and other Christmas decorations in black

Deer, elk and reindeer are popular decorations for Christmas. Now, not everyone is into the vintage hunter look with heavy oak wood and real horns – modern deer decorations for Christmas come, for example, as cool geometric wall art ( Bohling Steel Design ) or as a stylish black velvet deer (Vosteen). Fans of Scandinavian decorations will certainly not be able to ignore elves at Christmas. Stands and stands in the shape of elves can also be found in black, just like Christmas tree stands – ideal for black windowsill decorations at Christmas.

Black Easter decorations

It doesn’t always have to be the classic pastel Easter colors that are used in your Easter decorations. For a modern Easter decoration in black, you can, for example, paint Easter eggs black and decorate them with contrasting patterns using a touch-up pen (e.g. Posca Pens ).