3 LED Lighting Tips to Leave Your Modern and Sustainable House

The lighting design of a home should take into consideration the functionality of the room and the chosen decorative proposal. That’s because the brightness of a space is also responsible for transmitting well-being and enhance the personality of the residents through the composition. And how to combine these factors to a good cost-benefit in a practical way?

Modern sustainable and durable, the LED spotlight can be used in all environments and ensures functional and striking visual effects. Learn more about the advantages of using LED’s and see the tips separate for leaving your home even more beautiful and pleasant.

The advantages of LED lighting

Isn’t today the LED appears as a promising concept when it comes to lighting and sustainability. If you still do not know the reasons to invest in a project with LED lighting, so be aware of some of their main advantages:


In addition to recyclable, the LED lamps do not pollute the environment and consume up to 7 times less energy than a standard bulb.

Better cost-benefit

Even showing a price a little higher than a conventional bulb, the LED light can last up to 25 times more. Its durability can reach up to 14 years depending on your use, which also leads to a minimum maintenance cost, since there is no need for frequent exchanges.


LED lighting can be used in humid environments and even in pools without offering shock because it works on low voltage.

LED lamps do not emit infrared or ultraviolet rays and produce a minimum heat. That means they can stay close to artistic objects, such as tables, and in environments with plants, as in gardens and terraces, without harming them.

3 easy tips to use LED decoration

Now that you know the benefits of LED lighting, we have selected a few tips to make your home even more appealing with this innovative technology.

Give prominence to details

The LED spots with direct light can be used to let your decorative items, pictures and even some furniture, in evidence in the decoration.

Used a lot by the plaster mouldings, in this case, the LED spots provide indirect lighting that brings elegance and a warm atmosphere to the living room TV.

In the pool and in the gourmet

Surprise your guests with a spectacular LED lighting. In the garden, during the night, the lights will give due emphasis to your plants. Already in the pool, the led lights ensure a stately and beautiful visual effect.

Functionality combined with elegance

LED lighting also helps in carrying out tasks, while gives distinction to the décor. You can use LED ribbons around the bathroom mirror, which helps in hygienic routine and guarantees charm to the room. Similarly, pending on kitchen islands and bars increase the luminosity, facilitating the preparation of the meals, and even add a touch of modernity to the space.

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