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Guide to Safe Christmas Shopping Online

Sometimes it's hard to believe in "Christmas magic" when Christmas shopping simply becomes too time consuming and frustrating. The team at Lighting Howto has created a list of tips on how to put all your Christmas presents under the Christmas tree in time for Christmas in as stress-free a way as possible.


MAKE A LISTStart your Christmas shopping by making a plan. Make a list of all the people you want to buy a Christmas present for. Start with your family and close friends. If you have a list of what Christmas gifts you want to buy, you will have an estimate of how much money you will spend in total. Do not forget to plan for price changes and unforeseen purchases!FROM THE DESK TO YOUR DOOR


Why should you have to wait in long queues when you can have everything sent to your own home at the time and day you want? With the Christmas shopping stress and hustle and bustle, it can be difficult to find exactly what you want as the stock may run out. A practical way to avoid impulse buying is to compare different websites, save the information and then take the time to think about it. The end result will lead to well-thought-out purchases that are even more appreciated by your loved ones!


SHOP ALONESay no to a shopping buddy this Christmas as you unconsciously tend to imitate each other. If you see your girlfriend shopping in a specific store, there is a good chance that you will do the same. A shopping partner can distract you and persuade you to buy something unnecessary and unplanned.DO NOT SHOP UNTIL YOU DROP


The stress of Christmas shopping soon begins and it is difficult to make sensible decisions when you have not had enough fuel for the body's energy. Start your day with a high-fiber, high-fat meal. Wear something that strengthens your self-confidence rather than something that is comfortable. When people feel insecure, they usually buy more. So do not choose training clothes and sneakers if they make you feel bored. Do not forget to replenish your energy by eating a high protein lunch and stay away from unhealthy carbohydrates.


KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN FOR DISCOUNTSDownload apps that your favorite stores offer before you start shopping or check out their coupon websites and the latest deals. Check the online prices before you go to the stores to find the best prices for the products you want to buy. You can easily compare prices online before you physically go to any store. It is also good to know that if you choose to shop online, many offers can fluctuate daily during the Christmas season, so it is worth checking the prices regularly for the best deal.


Christmas music makes us nostalgic, this means that we spend more time in the shops in order to get us to shop more. Outsmart the Christmas music that is played in all stores by listening to your own playlist, which speeds up your Christmas shopping and you avoid shopping more than you need.


It is less appreciated to buy something impersonal as a gift card. By buying a personal gift that reflects the recipient's personality, he will value the gift in a genuine way. Our collections offer name necklaces, family jewelry, bracelets with engraving and also men's jewelry that reflects the individual. A personal piece of jewelry represents comfort, courage, expressiveness and everything in between. Let your loved ones feel appreciated, admired and most of all - loved. A personal gift will always be remembered!

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