Acme Zoo Children’s Lamps

The children almost always come their way in issues of decoration. Surely those who are parents have noticed it: by far this year carried eight blankets have just ends home quilt Hannah Montana, as much as you odiéis it.

Today I bring you a nice children’s lamps that surely will make parents and children arrive at an agreement. Brand Acme, they are inspired by animals and are available in very bright colors. They measure 30 x 30 cm and are lit with a fluorescent light bulb that is there inside, letting the light through both the animal and the side.

A soft light, perfect for bedtime or for children who are afraid of the dark. There are to choose between a rabbit, a dog, a cat, a giraffe, an elephant… And a range of colours that surely convinced that up to the most demanding children.

For me the most beautiful effect is the of a fluorine on white color, Although you can also play with a tone different from the from back wall: white on white or yellow on yellow. Each lamp out about 87 euros to change.