Acrobat, a Lamp That Allows You to Change The Direction of The Light

Some say they prefer the lighting indirect, other the direct, I think it depends on what, depending on the stay where we are, what we want to do, the day and time that is… in short, depending on the circumstances will be most appropriate light in one way that other, that I liked Acrobat, a lamp that gives us two options.

It is a lamp that hangs from the ceiling, and which admits easily two positions, face down and face up, actually looks more clear in the image if I can explain it with words, the case is that in one of the positions the light is emitted upwards and illuminated indirectly and in the other light is emitted downwards and lights directly, i.e. we can control their address.

Course, that it can be a little roll walking changing the placement lamp all the time, in general on a daily basis I believe that you would have in a position of direct lighting, but if during the weekend we feel like a environment more intimate we can change to hint for a more relaxing light, others may prefer to do the contrary, indirect in general and change to direct to specific moments of need for more intense light.


The French designer Marc Venot.

The French designer Marc Venot.