ARC, Castiglioni, Complete 50 Years

The good design requires observation. This was one of the frequently chanted mantras by Achille Castiglioni (19182002), one of the greatest designers of the 20 century, students at the Istituto Politecnico di Milano. This mantra was the limits of academic experience, materializing in professional life Italian conductor, and it was this observation that led him to create objects that become real world design icons.
Is the case for the Arco lamp, designed in 1962. To solve a practical problem to draw a pendant that dispensed with holes in the liner for your installation, your brother Pier Giacomo and Achille (19131968), who was working at the time, they get inspiration on street poles. Observed that, fixed to the ground, these luminaires have a form that allows you to launch their shafts of light over long distances.


From there, the brothers Castiglioni used all your design refinement to translate the typology of the street pole in a domestic perspective. Composed of a heavy marble base (about 50 kg), a semiesférico polished aluminum reflector and a telescopic stainless steel arc, the arc is able to reflect your light to more than 2 m from the base.
Was created, as well, a floor lamp with the same characteristics as a pendant, the first of your genre, as the Italian critic and designer Andrea Branzi in your book Capire il Design. No wonder, therefore, that the play became part of the collection of important museums such as the MoMA in New York.


In addition to the freedom that allows to configure the homesince there’s no need to stick to the existing points of light on the ceiling the Arc must also part of your success to elegance and lightness of form.


It is worth noting, however, that your aesthetic is a result of the functional demands, such as the Primer of modern design. Nothing is free: telescopic metal arch profile allows the adjustment of the length and contains, in your interior, electrical wiring; the semiesférico diffuser, for your time, you can have your modified angle due to the overlapping of two aluminum caps, one of them pierced to facilitate cooling and spread a light intensity of light toward the ceiling; the base is heavy enough to give stability to the set and contains a hole that facilitates the transport of piece by simply inserting a broomstick.
To celebrate the 50 years of the arc, the Italian Flos, your manufacturer, has released version of this play LEDthe classic model, which uses a halogen bulb, continues to be sold. But the original design remains intact, unchallenged evidence of excellence and longevity of the design of the Castiglioni brothers.