Box spring bed with bed box Part 2

Box spring bed with bed box 2

Disadvantages of box spring beds with bed boxes When the box spring bed box is completely closed, the air cannot circulate. The consequence of a lack of or inadequate air circulation in the bed box can lead to the development of mold. Box spring beds are additionally raised by a bed box under the box. Particularly in the case of very high-quality systems, the entry height of the bed can…

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Box spring bed with bed box Part 1

Box spring bed with bed box 1

Box spring beds with bed boxes combine the advantages of an extremely comfortable sleeping system with those of a storage bed . We present the different versions of the box spring bed with bed box, examine the advantages and disadvantages of this bed solution and provide you with an answer to the question “How useful are such beds?”. Introduction: box spring beds with bed boxes In particular when furnishing narrow…

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Make the Bedroom Barrier-free Part VII

Bedroom 3

The wardrobe in the barrier-free bedroom For barrier-free bedrooms, cupboards that can be walked on or driven on have proven to be effective. A walk-in closet should have a depth of at least 90 cm or 150 cm for wheelchair users for easy accessibility. In addition to walk-in closets, there are closet solutions that are equipped with clothes rails that can be folded out. Fold-out clothes rails, which are also…

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Make the Bedroom Barrier-free Part VI

Bedroom 2

Senior beds for the barrier-free bedroom The senior citizen’s beds are conventional bed frames that are designed to meet the needs of the elderly to a particularly high degree. Such bed models, for example, offer an ergonomically favorable lying or sitting height. Find out more about beds for senior citizens in our magazine article: Beds suitable for senior citizens: What you should consider when buying Beds for wheelchair users for…

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Make the Bedroom Barrier-free Part V

Bedroom 1

The bed in the barrier-free bedroom So that the bed can be used comfortably, the lying surface of the bed should be at a height that is appropriate for the individual body. In general, the recommendation applies that the bed including the cushions should not be higher than 55 cm (measured from the floor). You are on the safe side and very flexible with a height-adjustable bed. As already mentioned…

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Make the Bedroom Barrier-free Part IV

Ambient Assisted Living

Movement areas for wheelchair users in door areas In most cases, room doors are designed as so-called swing doors with manual operation (manual opening and closing). With such doors, wheelchair users need a movement area of ​​150 cm x 150 cm on the side to which the door opens (direction of opening). On the other hand, a movement area of ​​120 cm x 150 cm is sufficient. The different requirements…

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Make the Bedroom Barrier-free Part III

The bedroom - barrier-free living and living

AAL technologies: Ambient Assisted Living The term Ambient Assisted Living with the abbreviation AAL is about supporting older and disadvantaged people, depending on the situation and unobtrusively, in everyday life. This takes place, among other things, through (electronic) systems as well as through methods and concepts or services and products. Everything is user-centered – i.e. directly geared towards people – and integrated into their immediate living space. Accordingly, the technology…

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Make the Bedroom Barrier-free Part II

What does wheelchair accessible mean

In general, it can be said that accessibility serves to increase the quality of life through independence. Not only people with disabilities benefit from the improved quality of life through a barrier-free environment, but also children, older people, parents with prams and people who are temporarily affected by a disability. Nowadays, when houses and apartments are newly planned and built, the opportunity is increasingly used to make them barrier-free or…

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