Before and after: a Lamp Made with a Flour Sieve

It will never cease to amaze me with the capacity that have some people see beyond a simple object, appreciating the decorative potential of what for many would be just garbage. Today we see a good example in this light cuisine made with an old flour sifter. Seeing the artifact in your first destination this transformation takes even more value, nothing in it portends to the naked eye that it can become a unique and original complement.

The author of this transformation found sieve in a cupboard to buy their House, built in the 1930s, and decided to turn it into luminaire to carry out the reform of the housing. You only had to change the orientation of the apéro and adapt it to place a CAP and the corresponding electrical connection. We note that cleaning has been applied to the metal surface, but the ancient patina, the true essence of this invention has been exposed.

Also have been integrated with pleasure mounting plate and the pipe that suspended it ceiling, also showing an old air; know if it was from one old piece or has it been mounted for the occasion aging it later.

Two issues make this proposal, I tremendously attractive on the one hand the effort by retain an original element of the House, integrating it into a very contemporary reform; and secondly, the wisdom of having located in the kitchen, where taking into account their origin and previous role, fits of wonder.