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Disadvantages of box spring beds with bed boxes

When the box spring bed box is completely closed, the air cannot circulate. The consequence of a lack of or inadequate air circulation in the bed box can lead to the development of mold.

Box spring beds are additionally raised by a bed box under the box. Particularly in the case of very high-quality systems, the entry height of the bed can therefore quickly be 70 cm and more, which is too high and no longer comfortable for smaller people.

In the case of open or not completely closed bed box solutions, larger accumulations of dust can occur, which can make regular cleaning necessary. In such a bed box, it is advisable to pack items of clothing, home textiles and bedding separately again. Special garment bags or vacuum bags made of plastic are available in stores for this purpose.

For box spring beds with drawers on the side in the lower frame, there must be a little more space in the bedroom, otherwise the drawers may not be able to be pulled out completely. In addition, you have to bend down very deeply or kneel to use the drawers, which can be exhausting and stressful for the body. Also consider the very heavy weight of the drawers when they are full.

Depending on the construction principle, drawers used as additional storage space in the box spring bed can cause damage to, for example, laminate or parquet.

Some box spring beds with bed boxes that can be opened from the foot of the bed are designed in such a way that the area of ​​the bed box located under the headboard is barely accessible and therefore difficult to use.

The most important advantages and disadvantages at a glance:

  • Gain in storage space / optimal use of space (depending on the model)
  • Comfortable sleeping system with individually adjustable equipment (depending on model)
  • Lots of different models (designs) to choose from
  • Different bed box variants for every living space and every room
  • There is a risk of mold when the bed boxes are closed and there is no / inadequate air circulation
  • Dust accumulation with open bed boxes
  • Bed boxes in the form of pull-out drawers can be uncomfortable to use

Buying tips: what to look for when choosing?

Further information and tips for choosing a box spring bed with a storage box. – What you should pay attention to when buying:

  • Tip 1: Choose the right sleeping system for your needs
    The main function of a box spring bed with a bed box is also to be used as a place to sleep. For this reason, you should choose a model that you can equip with a mattress and topper that meets your personal preferences and individual requirements. | In the case of box spring beds with a bed box under the box, make sure that the height of the bed is right for you. For example, if you sit on the edge of the bed, your feet should be able to touch the floor completely and not dangle in the air.
  • Tip 2: box bed or box spring bed ?!
    If you are interested in a box spring bed with a bed box, you should make sure that you actually purchase a box spring bed. Many suppliers describe their products as “box spring beds with bed boxes”. If you then take a closer look at the product description and, above all, the equipment list of the individual models, you often have to find that there is no spring core in the box. It is therefore only a so-called box bed (without “spring”), in which the box is designed to be used as a bed box. There is generally no spring support for the mattress in such bed models. The top of the box is usually provided with a foam pad,
  • Tip 3: Give priority to quality
    If you prefer a box spring bed with a full bed box under the entire lying area, pay particular attention to the quality of the material and workmanship. For the most convenient operation and use of the bed box, you should choose a model that has gas pressure springs (pneumatic springs – gas is used here to develop the spring effect), which allow easy access to the bed box without great effort or bending down. | The frame and especially the bottom of the bed box should be made of sturdy solid wood or wood-based material for reasons of greater resilience and longer durability. Additional metal reinforcement can also be advantageous.
  • Tip 4: The air must be able to
    circulate When choosing a bed, make sure that there is sufficient air circulation in the bed box. Ventilation sieves in the bottom of the bed box and a slightly higher stand due to bed feet under the box can, for example, promote the exchange of air.

Conclusion: do box spring beds with bed boxes make sense?

Whether the purchase of a box spring bed with a bed box makes sense is in principle a very subjective question that cannot be answered across the board.

Anyone who wants the special comfort and the special lying feeling of a box spring bed and at the same time is dependent on the most efficient use of space in the apartment is certainly well advised to choose such a bed. The points mentioned under buying tips should be taken into account in order to “sort out” potentially disadvantageously equipped box spring beds with bed boxes.

If there is actually no need for additional storage space in the bedroom, you probably “travel” better by choosing a box spring bed without a bed box. Here the variety of models is even greater and there are even more possibilities to find a bed system that is optimally tailored to your own person.

Box spring bed with bed box 2