Choose the Ideal Light for Each Space of the Condominium

One of the main points to consider in the lighting of the condominium is the functionality of the lighting. Get to know the space and the need for it is the first step to choose the right bulb and provide comfort and security to the place.

Choose the Ideal Light for Each Space of the Condominium

To define the need of each space, just give them a tour of the condo and to try to understand what places require intense lighting, and in which they are not required.

The lighting of the external areas generally have different needs of the internal, therefore we can divide the analysis into two parts by defining a profile for each.

Indoor environments!

In indoor environments the proposal is to, basically, guide the individual during their journey, proposing greater safety and avoiding accidents. Check out more details about the lighting of each space and choose the right products

Corridors and entry:

Bet on good luminous flux and the economy in these spaces! The bulbs A70 and PAIR are great options to obtain a uniform illumination, economical and durable. In addition to easy installation they feature a luminous efficiency that keeps the environment safe and clear.

Spaces of leisure:

A decorative lighting can transform these places in much more comfortable! For a traditional light lamp T100 is a good bet in luminous efficiency. The lamp Filament A60 is another good option that proposes climate environment and family.


The garage is a space that asks for safety, therefore, the lighting can not fail. The bulbs tubular are made to illuminate large environments and propose a beacon light with great range. Gives to keep the environment safe and save a lot!


External environments!

With LED technology it is possible to bet on lighting, decorative and enjoyable without worrying about the expense. In the idle areas of the condominium can use less bulbs and products of lesser potency.

Access gate and the entrance of garages:

By the traffic of vehicles and people entering these places of light, should guide the route and flag the entries. The reflectors feature directional light ideal to indicate obstacles and outputs.

Pools and gardens:

The spots of illumination are great allies of the decor and do not present risk to the installation. The garden can be more attractive with beams of light directed from the bottom up. Sconces and Tapes in LED’s are resistant to moisture, therefore, good options for the external area.

Steps and stairs:

The steps do not need intense lighting, however to maintain a signaling is important to avoid accidents. The tapes and spots can also help here. How are the products of low-voltage does not exhibit an excessive consumption of energy and large risks in the installation.