Craft ideas with children

Handicrafts with children is a job that parents, educators and so on have to face again and again. Especially since handicrafts are a very good opportunity for the little ones to get creative and be in good spirits.

And if you – as an adult – play along, handicrafts, painting and creative design with children can be surprisingly stimulating for you.
Play dough, paper, cardboard, painting materials – with many different materials and craft ideas you can ensure that handicrafts with and especially for the children don’t get boring.

Nice, if not to say quite helpful in our latitudes, is that, depending on the season, we have very different natural materials for handicrafts.

With stones, leaves, flowers, sand, chestnuts and acorns or various twigs, branches and other woods that you can even collect yourself while taking a walk, unique and beautiful works are created that will provide a lot of joy. Here are some ideas and suggestions for creative handicrafts with children – especially with natural objects.

Handicrafts in autumn – chestnut animals and garlands of leaves

In the autumn months, nature offers a particularly large number of materials for successful handicraft fun. Handicrafts with toddlers becomes a real breeze in autumn.

There is a lot you can do with dried leaves, chestnuts, or acorns. For example, it is a nice idea to join the leaves together to form a long decorative chain that you and the children can hang in the window or on the wall as a garland. Large grape leaves, maple, linden, oak and much more can be used.

A handicraft instruction is not necessary for this handicraft work, because everyone can let off steam according to their taste.

Crafting instructions are also superfluous when working creatively with chestnuts and acorns. With matches for arms and legs, chestnut heads and bodies, acorns for the feet or perhaps as cute hats, a lot is possible.

Handicraft ideas for the summer – creatives from flotsam

In summer you and your children always have the opportunity to implement a few creative handicraft ideas with normal beach goods. Stones, shells, snails and sand – anything goes.

And many adults and children alike make the sea, sand and sun inventive by themselves. A few handicraft instructions. How about a shell stone, for example? If you don’t know what that should be, you can use the following simple handicraft instructions as a guide:

  • For a shell stone, a stone with the smoothest possible surface is required. Mussels are also necessary.
  • These are now glued around the stone with a hot glue gun (this task is better taken on by adults) so that it has completely become a shell stone.
  • The children are welcome to paint the stone with colored paint beforehand.
  • Now you can decorate the shells with sand, glitter or paint as you like.
  • An individual piece is finished, which can be used as a decoration or as a practical paperweight.

Make toys yourself – handicrafts with young children

It is especially great when you make something with children that they can then use as toys. It is a good idea to use woods for this, as they are durable.

The funny flowers and beetles made of wood – here on the left – are sure to give you one or the other idea of ​​what you could then tinker with your children’s small works of art.

From wood – especially matching beautiful pieces of wood – you can build a great raft with a solid thread, which can be decorated with a sail.

When the weather is good, the pretty raft can then also be launched into the water. But even on days with poor weather conditions, dolls, toy animals and the like can experience a lot on the self-made raft and go on wild journeys.

Other crafting tips for toys are, for example, making hats decorated with shells or flowers, knightly protective shields or even magic wands.

Also, pieces of jewelry are easy to design from objects from the garden, park or even from the forest. Everything can be used and special individual pieces are created!

Craft ideas with children