Do It Yourself: Lamps with Cans of Beverage and Magazines

Choose the lamps It has been one of the things that more complicated it has been me in my house, I live in an attic apartment, and the inclination of the roof in some areas, rather complicates the decision. When it happens something like this one just spending a lot of money in a lamp, when in fact it could have solved the problem with something very simple. For example the image lamps made with cans beer, which found me great.

Besides being a good way of Recycle beverage cans, and therefore a positive behavior towards our environment, make lamps with boats does not seem very difficult and if we do it well the result can be excellent. In this case have been covered with paper from magazine, but they could cover with fabric or other material to give the finish of our taste.

In this case it has manufactured one lamp with several boats to different heights which hang from a same stand, but obviously the idea gives a lot of designs different inside each Tin an independent bulb is placed, you can do from individual lamps for bedside tables, to large salon in round lamps with cans hanging from a common, fun, friendly and very decorative circular ring.