Fair Habitat Valencia 2010: Lamps Casual Four Fours

Accustomed to lately designs lamps intending being too original or eye-catching, glad to be in the Feria Habitat Valencia 2010 These Four four funky lamps.

I like them because their design is light, cheerful, simple and direct. The form and function are strictly linked and also materials and chosen colors give them a delicate air caress them inviting.

As it could not be otherwise, There are four different models, each with a function or special feature, that makes them different among themselves and with the rest of lamps that can be found there.

Exclamation point

Four lamps, the model that is called Exclamation point It is my favorite. Mainly because of its strictly functional design, with the Red wire as a single note of color, but also by its hidden ability to make of skewer of notes with its punch hidden under the mast.

It’s perfect to have it on the desktop as auxiliary light and at the same time having under control all that papers that are always dancing above the table and not know where place.


The next on my list is the Percentage floor lamp. Its design reminds me of the TMM lamp by Miguel Milá, only that it is necessary in this case to raise and lower the light pull a rope as a pulley and then tie it to a small projection so that it does not move.

Again, the combination of wood and the white with red wire gives this casual aspect so attractive. I have not clear is if much ruckus between the Red wire and the string will not be formed, or someone ends up stumbling.


Under the name asterisk hides a combination of stand and lamp whose greater beauty lies in the way that’s standing, because the pieces that form both functions are held one in the other, like two lovers who cannot live without the other one.

Moreover, it follows the line of the rest of lamps, which combines wisely the white, wood and the Red wire. Ideal for those who like to enjoy a bright and comfortable read.


As the English, last but not least would say (the last but not the least); Clasp. A lamp that perfectly sums up the minimalist essence of the entire series. By not having, does not have or display, and held – slightly defying gravity – thanks to its broad base on which a small highlight serves as a bookmark.

With this small design closed the promenade by the desenfadades of four four four lamps that showed in the Pavilion of Nude in the Feria Habitat Valencia 2010. As with the rest of this pavilion designs, is waiting to be marketed, all hope something happens soon.

I leave you with a small gallery of images to make you deleitéis you with the magnificent work of these young designers.

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