Feltro, a Lamp That Is Looks like Little Red Riding Hood

The lamp is called Feltro, but when I saw her I thought that its name should be Little Red Riding Hood, I guess that they have failed it is because they can manufacture it also in other colors, or perhaps not occurred to them, perhaps Daniel Schofield, its creator, or even know the story, but my I would have liked that you call as well.

It has been so for what I’ve noticed it, although after reading your detailed information, I have seen that in addition to the textile screen and color, has another bunch of interesting details, the base is made with pieces of wood leftovers in workshop, after manufacturing other things, you could then say is recycled wood, they also ensure that the metal with which factory is the arm, it was previously destined for the trash.

Returning to the theme of the red screen CAP, is made with tissue wool dyed with natural dyes and is therefore biodegradable one hundred per cent, lamp, therefore, is much more than a pretty design, is an attempt to create environmentally responsible items.

And at the end the lamp It is very nice, the truth is that nothing seems something made of remains, it is also practical because we can change it the arm of position to guide the light in the address that more US interest, which is important in all lights, but especially on the table like this.