Finally a Lamp That Levita’s Truth

Almost always when we see something in decoration that looks like levitate, There is a trick, I mean that there is normally a stand or a hook that you cannot see or something similar but that actually the majority of the objects that simulate be floating, aren’t, however in this case the upper part of this lamp It levitates, no trap or carton, this time is Really.

Not really so complicated do something levite, only use well the magnetic fields to cause the necessary interaction between two elements and make that you one float literally on top of the other and in this case have succeeded, with the right materials and checking the corresponding field strength so that the layout of the parts of the lamp is the correct.

In addition we have it available in several models, different ways for a truly original floor lamp and that will leave greatly surprised to visits, when they see that there is no trick and that one area of the screen It is levitating above the other, also the light escapes between the space that is between the pieces of the display and the effect is also very different from a conventional lights accordingly.