Floor Lamp Lumenio, a Luminous Christmas Tree

For many years I’ve wanted to have a Christmas decoration in my house that wasn’t the typical, somewhat schematic to clearly remember the dates and Christmas, but little reloaded and different. Walks in the shops were not very helpful, it seems all is sold the same thing every year, with slight changes in materials and colors.

Floor Lamp Lumenio, a luminous Christmas tree, It is exactly what I wanted for a time: does not require Assembly or maintenance, decoration and ornaments there are plenty and brings built-in lighting. Actually is a floor lamp to use during the holidays and that little or no supplement needs to look radiant. In the shape of a fir tree, which seems inspired by a childhood drawing, it is a very appropriate complement to modern homes where less is more.

It is made of plastic material, suitable both for exterior or interior, and has a height of 82 centimeters. The price is not minimalist, since it is 199 euros, enough to not want to save it in the attic and lengthen Christmas all year.