Focus Magicshine MJ-856 1600 Lumens, a Powerful Light to Move Any Way

Power 1600 lumens. Battery 4,400 mAh. 2.2 to 10 hours autonomy. Weight 121 g (without battery). Price: 113 EUR

Paul, thank’s leave us this model MagicShine so we could try it in several night routes and give our opinion about it to our readers.
A few weeks ago wrote about the Magicshine Eagle 600 focus display OLED, a powerful light with internal battery, ideal for circular by city or by wide paths, that was rather insufficient if we wanted to do MTB routes by rough terrain. Today we will introduce a more powerful focus of the same brand, the Magicshine MJ-856, which with its 1600 lumens allows us to ride through any road without problems.

Opening the box will find inside focus Magicshine MJ-856, MJ-6038 battery and a charger that will allow us to recharge the battery by plugging it into the mains.

The Magicshine MJ-856 focus get the 1600 lumens thanks to 4 bright leds CREE XP-G, which have a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

With an original design, the Magicshine MJ-856 focus is made of 6061-T6 aluminum, type III anodized, with finished anti abrasive surface treatment. The light housing is provided with channels to direct the air , help better dissipate the heat that generates the 4 leds.
The focus has a rain IPX4 protection and overheat protection

Setting the focus to the handlebars is very simple, is performed through rubber clamps. Their two sizes allow it to normal thickness and oversize handlebars (25.4 and 31.8)

The battery is sealed, with rubber surface to avoid, and rubber closures that allow you to easily attach it to the box. It has velcro to secure the cable.
MJ-6038 battery houses inside 4 BAK 18650 Li-ion battery (7.4 V 4,400 mAh). According to the manufacturer allows 500 charge cycles, and its loading time is 3-3, 5 hours.

The Magicshine MJ-856 focus has a very simple operation. A double rubber button allows you to turn it on / turn it off and raise / lower power. There are 4 selectable power levels: 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%
The switch illuminates with 4 colors to indicate the remaining battery. Green from 100 to 75% load, blue from 75% to 50%, yellow from 50% to 30% and red from 30% to 5%. When we have less than 5% of load, the Red is shown flashing.

As optional accessories, the Magicshine MJ-856 focus can add universal support for helmet, tape head, extension cable and cable in ‘And’

My personal opinion

The Magicshine MJ-856 is a very powerful focus, 1600 lumens, allowing us to travel without problem on any road. Placed in our bicycle handlebars will give us a very powerful light on the road and at the edges. As in any other focus, it is always convenient to complement it with a light in the town that will allow us to better illuminate the path of our curves. Playing with the different modes, their autonomy allows us to face night routes of long duration. Lighting switch to see the autonomy that we have is of great help.