Ghost, Lamp Inspired by The Ghosts of The Mythical PacMan

The Games they are often source of inspiration for designers and decorators, because we have tested it with the Tetris among others, the PacMan or PAC-man that this is how many know him, could not be less, the ghosts We had to eat in large quantities to win with its fun shape and colours, are ideal for inspiration in joyful and fun parts.

For example lamps, There are lamps with forms of all types and colors of the most diverse, today also the amount of heat resistant materials available from manufacturers, and led bulbs and low consumption, allow much more interesting ways than the of years ago, I think that you can already imagine such as lamps, but anyway I am them going to show

It is of lamps of foot, they are called Ghost, We see that your feet are white and is the body of the ghost of color and what is inspired in PacMan, It is curious that when the light is on and if it is placed on a background light, legs or feet, they are almost not and it seems that the ghost of color levitates at a certain height above the ground.

They are ideal for a lot of spaces lamps, perfect for bedrooms children’s o Youth, ideal for a living room modern and casual, even for some workplaces, whether in the office, we don’t have to maintain an image that is too serious, a lamp so always helps to break the monotony and also has a special charm for those who have passed some hours of your life playing to the PAC-man.