How Tall is Ideal for Pendants? We Take All Your Questions

Lighting is very important to any environment and nothing better than having outstanding templates with a distinctive design. The luminaires comply with the pending role of being both functional and decorative at the same time, all with an excellent finish.

They can be of various types of materials, such as brass, stainless steel, wood and glass also. This type of lighting fixture can be wrapped in any room of the House, on dressing tables, in the kitchen, in your bedroom, living room and bathrooms. But what better time? Continue reading and learn how to set the height ideal for pendants!

How tall is ideal for pendants to each room in the House?

Have a project of lighting right makes all the difference in the spaces, and a simple modification in the light of points your House can enhance any environment. See now how tall to pending is indicated for each room in the House:


The outstanding fixtures to rooms are best when installed at the side of the bed. In addition to giving charm, make it easy to create a warm and well-lit in the right measure.

Pendants by the bed must be installed above the nightstand, or side table, so the space for them is restricted by the floor, so that no one accidentally hit his head.

The height may vary, but in General, the pendant must be installed in 60 cm to 90 cm above the side table or nightstand. The lamps should not be very strong, can leave the Summit itself more diffuse lighting, which is ideal to not obfuscate the vision. The advantage is to release more space for objects such as books, mobiles and creams.

Dining room

The outstanding fixtures are ideal for a good lighting in the dining room, because it leaves the charming and sophisticated environment. Next, we will give some important tips about the height for this environment: pendants

Height between table: 75 to 90 cm.

Optimal size of the luminaire: For a 1.8 m table, the ideal is the height of the chandelier be 90 cm.

Composition: for a table of 3 meters, the ideal is a lamp of 1.2 m.

Living room

For the living room, the pending are excellent to offer more focused light, replacing the lamps. The ideal distance between the dome and the top of the coffee table is from 150 cm to 170 cm, so don’t end up going on a visual block for whoever’s sitting next, as on the couch, for example.


Pendants in the kitchen are always wildcard parts. For the dining table, it is important to consider the same distance used for the dining room of the 90 cm 75. But they also look great on counter tops, both of which must be of 200 cm tall, as meals, whose height should be between 70 cm and 100 cm.

Another important tip for this kind of outstanding decoration is always use led light bulbs because they are economical, have a much greater lifespan than others and are more elegant.

There is always a difference between chandeliers and pendants, being the latter, items that are hung from the ceiling. Chandeliers already have “arms” with side lamps that help in decorative lighting.

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