How To Choose The Proper Lighting For Every Room of the House

The right lighting makes all the difference, as part of the decoration, giving prominence to certain points, creating the climate for the environment and facilitating the execution of tasks. So, split up some tips on how to choose the proper lighting for every room of the House. Check out!

External lighting

Practicality and beauty are fundamental concepts when thinking about external lighting. Create stronger light sources with zones of penumbra is

an interesting effect to highlight nuances of landscaping. In addition, the external leisure areas should be well lit, especially the areas of bars and grills.

Entrance hall

Hall of light entry should be inviting and snug, but not too strong. Warm colors are most recommended, focused on details of the decoration. Low or indirect lights can be a good way out.

Living room

The living rooms are interaction environments, and how everyone should be bright and warm colours. The yellowish shades are recommended, but should avoid incandescent bulbs because they consume a lot of energy and have a short shelf life. Also avoid direct light sources that may cause reflections in flat or mirrors, preferring more diffuse lighting. However, some specific outbreaks that highlight frames, vases or other pieces of art and decoration can be used, taking care with the possible reflexes.

Dining room

In these environments, the dining tables should be highlighted. Pockets of light on they help it, there are several types of chandeliers, lamps and spots that can be used for this. The correct lighting and focus creates a closer environment among the people at the table and can also enhance the food.


Kitchens should be very well lit, as are areas of intense traffic and use. Workstations must be specially illuminated, at least double what the rest of the environment, with good focus on counters and stoves. Luminous tubes are an excellent choice, and partial lightings for the night can be an interesting idea, if integrated into environment. The use of white light is recommended.


Here too the white light is recommended. Help in feeling of cleanliness and clarity. The lighting should be soft, lightweight feel, but also needs to be focused because it is an environment dedicated to personal hygiene.


The rooms are environments that ask for multiple sets of lighting, by their various uses. A set stronger and well lit serves to get dressed and ready, making it easy to view the details. A set for rest requests calmer colours and a partial illumination. You can also add a set of abjures and spots for reading or get ready for sleep.

Home office

This is a kind of intense work environment, so the more lit better. However, very focused lights can be harmful. The use of specific outbreaks and strong light and diffused in the rest is a good choice for the Home Office, ensuring a lighting that assist in performing the work. Spots on the workstation are also very useful.

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