Joker, Wears Your Harlequin Lamp

Found me a great idea this of dress up the lamp of Harlequin, in particular of Joker, well, actually thought me it a good idea the dress it. I mean if we have antique lamps, which we do not like at home either because they are old, or because they have gone from trendy or because they do not fit with our style, we can get you clothing.

A suitable supplement that does not interfere in the form of illuminate, that is not attached to the bulb to avoid the risk by warming, but that cover the structure which will normally be more bother. In this case opted for something in skin, white and black, hence the name of Joker and that fits into the arms of the lamp with a few zips.

It is nothing more than an extrapolation of the concept cover, both used in other furniture and accessories to the particular case of a lamp, which is not so common, but not that it stops being interesting, we can thus integrate any lamp in the style of a room by choosing a cover in the appropriate tones, good lamps are expensive, so economically is likely to compensate.