Lamp Apparently Floating Morgana by Stefano Papi

I admit that I’m not a maniac of the cables but I know that the readers among of Decoesfera you are many people rompĂ©is you head looking for decorative elements that do not have cable or at least are not visible. I am sure that if this is your case you will love the lamp Morgana Stefano PAPI, that seems to fleet under the roof.

The light source also hides the person who contemplates this lamp, because that just shows its origin between the metal bars that make up this element. Observe how the lighting also qualifies with dramatic shadows due to its structure of a strongly industrial-style.

The truth is that to me the concept of This lamp not just convince me in my opinion the room darkens unnecessarily, but I must admit you some aesthetic merit. I think that it would be it right in a kitchen or in an environment in which predominates the metal, although I’m not sure if I would like it in my house.