Maim a Teddy Bear to Design a Lamp

It is possible that I am a bit sensitive these days, perhaps at another time not would have sat me so ill see this lamp, but in any case I would have liked, it seems to me an idea of the worst, I do not know that would be thinking of the Lord Matthew Kinealy When it happened that it would be nice to tear the head to a Teddy bear to place a bulb and a glass of the lamp.

I hope to at least have no children at home, because this is to traumatize them, Teddy Bear Lamp It’s called… so complicated was put the bear in front of a normal lamp and do a set of both, mono, without any head start? I love the lamps as well as Teddy bears, moreover, I swear that there is one of each in my bedside table, but both one piece, not for parts.

I’ve always declared fan of the designers that they create new things, original… that break the rules and surprising, but not of those who break heads of Teddy bears, although objectively not aunque objetivamente no tenga you have more trasdendencia at the subjective level seems bad taste and a very ugly gesture, guess what you want is notoriety, but so do not.