Micha, a Lamp That Looks like a Cat

If you like to have a Pet in house, but you can’t for lack of time to meet it or because you are allergic to the hair, perhaps the MiCha lamps You can help feel something accompanied, it is a collection of lamps that recall to a cat, There are several models, four in particular representing the cat in various positions, sitting, walking…

The lamp It has a curious design and for my taste it is quite nice, I’ll stick with the of the Cat walk, While the others are not wrong, is true is not the same as having a true cat, per it has pros and cons, the bad thing is that you don’t have so much company, but good thing is that to change it does not stain and also illuminates.

The lamps are small, they are basically table lamps, Although at one point also being like a cat, you’re certain grace can be placed on the ground, in fact the sympathetic is moving it, change it from position There are from time to time… even who prefer instead of a a group of several, to play to change the relative positions between them.