Recicladecoracion: a Lamp Made with a Handlebar

The truth is that many years ago that I’m not in bike, and not because he does not like me, but because I have not occasion, actually I now don’t even have a, but do not rule out at some point to buy it back, the feeling of cycling is always welcome, if any of you if you have and think of renewing it, perhaps interested in knowing what to do with some of its parts, for example the handlebar.

We can convert the handlebar our bike, when we are not going to use in a apply o lamp wall, the truth is that the result is a little weird, but if we had love to bike it is possible that like to see some of it in our room, well you could have entitled also the post… “Detail to the House of… a cyclist”.

It is also true that the handlebar that it has chosen in this case is not very lucid, and the form that has been used to decorate it does not coincide with that I would choose, I think that he preferred to decorate with more color, perhaps even with several tones, happy, some pictures… I see the lamp more in a room Youth that, for example, in the living room of the House and that you prefer to decorate it in a more fun way, but the idea is good.