Recicladecoracion: a Lamp Made with Bottle Corks

To my I can think of several things that you can do with all that pile of corks, but certainly no as original as that has occurred to him to Becki Chan Begovic, It’s a curious lamp that by the way which has their support, can be used also as a side table next to the sofa, thus forming a perfect corner of reading or as a bedside table.

The lamp is made by hand and takes hundreds of corks, I would say that we can do it by ourselves, but the truth is that it seems nothing simple and is a pity, because throughout the year in a House always gather a lot of corks and give pity not to reuse them, truth is that the Cork is one of my favourite materials.

One of the most interesting things of the lamp, You can see full image on these lines, is making on the ground, the corks for your willingness and as they have been bored, let in light between them with a curious distribution, as if it were a network and forms that draw on the floor are very nice.

Not is if the lamp you shine enough, I imagine that it will be necessary to have more points of light in the same area, but to create atmosphere is the most original I’ve seen and also recycles all that Cork that otherwise would end up in the trash, in the image under these lines I leave the detail of corks if some skeptic does not believe that it is done with them.