Recicladecoracion: a Lamp with a Drum Washing Machine

Incredible but true and in addition is not bad, someone has thought that when the washing machine because no lava can be used to illuminate, swear not having seen before and the truth is that I liked the idea, original, simple and with a good result, although it must also be said that the drum recycling to create this curious lamp He was in very good state of conservation and very bright, as it often happens with these things.

It is also true that I have never analyzed the State of conservation of the drums of the washing machines that have passed through my life, but surely the next time you change one, ask the technician in question let me the drum removed and ready to make of screen a lamp of ceiling… or standing… I think that a good base of steel could also be great.

And also doesn’t seem very complicated, if the drum is in good condition and it may be in sight, just have to make the hooves to hang or place where applicable, otherwise the drum the holes you have already made and it is also very resistant, there will be no major problems with place enough power bulbs… I see a lot of advantages, to show you who you think.