Recicladecoracion: a Lamp with Negative Shade

For those who have born after the year 95 (I don’t know if we have many readers in that age) you should know that many, many years ago, people could not see the Photo that he had removed with his camera on the back, but was saved in what major called Reel and he had to go to reveal them. After processing, gave you, in addition to photos, the so-called film strips negative serving if I had to make copies (scanning originals or spoke).

With the passing of the years these negative they continue to accumulate in our homes (at least on mine) and it gives us pity pull them but in reality we all know that we will not make copies of them anymore. Today I propose an exercise of recicladecoracion in which you are going to give them a new use as lamp shades.

To do this, you are going to need two display rings (the best is buy a screen baratuna and rid you of the original) or at least one. Unid the negatives in a row e.g. with adhesive tape or with wires, but I think that she is better sewing by the holes having up and down and voila! You’ll have a lamp original with your memories.

To make this craft, give you account that they are not going to project into the wall the negatives even if you try it, since the bulb is not focused enough, but does give an interesting aspect to your living room or bedroom. I hope that it has excited you much as I.