Recicladecoracion: Lamps Made with Beach Balls

I don’t think that it is very easy to do this at home, but the signature Toby House that has gotten Recycle Beach balls and convert them into lamps, and the truth is that it is a pity that it is not easy, because with the amount of them there at all houses of propaganda, we would not have to buy more lamps of those paper as an interim solution, in addition there are no bad for casual youth spaces.

It is of Beach balls authentic, is in fact not only the appearance they have to see even the nozzle that blows to inflate them, this is the hard part and it is there to make it look that they are filled with air, which strengthen inside the structure something rigid, in this case it speaks of a solid carapace, perhaps I could get also some rods, but plastic could be to receive heat from the bulb and weaken.

The issue is that the lamps they are beautiful, are original and fun, and which have been made with Beach balls It is not bad idea, because it is sure that there are plenty of them in disuse.

After seeing lights in addition I have had a look at other proposals of the firm and there are several with the same touch of originality, as for example Snowshoes of ping pong converted in mirrors hand, very curious.