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When equipping the bed, a mattress that is ergonomically suitable for the user should be selected. Choosing a higher mattress has a positive effect, as it can absorb or distribute the pressure better.

The spring base, in turn, should match the mattress and the user. It must also be suitable for the slatted frame in the bed frame (see slatted frame). In the case of classic slatted frames or base frames, models with a stabilizing central belt or central belt as well as strips that are stored in movable caps on the frame (overlapping spar) offer a high level of comfort and stability.

In box spring high stability is generally given because the mattress full surface rests here on the box. It is important that the frame of the box is made of stable materials with a structurally resilient processing. In addition, of course, the quality of all other materials also plays an important role when it comes to long-term resilience and greater stress, for example with a higher body weight.

How can you stabilize a bed?

Anyone who hangs on their bed frame but struggles with the required stability can do a lot to make the bed more stable. All the measures proposed below for additional stabilization of the bed are dependent on the respective construction of the bed and, in some cases, also on your own manual skills.

Increase the stability of the bed frame

Adding bed legs
To increase stability on the long sides, it can be useful to support the long side frame elements with additional bed legs. The additional legs should be attached in the middle. In the case of a slatted frame with support brackets, two additional bed legs per side can be mounted directly below the side brackets in order to further optimize the load distribution.

Installing support brackets
If the bed frame only has support strips for the slatted frame, it can have a stabilizing effect on the bed when properly installed if additional corner brackets are attached to the slatted frame support.

Install central stringer
for double beds from 160 cm width, where in the center of the bed no consistent slatted edition is present, the retrofitting of a center beam or a main beam has a stabilizing effect on the bed. In this way, the frame of the slatted frame in the middle of the bed rests not only at points but flat over the length, which enables better load distribution or load transfer.

Install crossbar
Single beds in particular can be stabilized by installing an additional crossbar in the middle of the bed. The crossbar (also: crossbar) extends over the entire width of the bed, “stiffens” the frame and offers the slatted frame again a continuous support in an area where there is a high load (positioning buttocks / hips and often as “Sitting zone” used).

Creating a cross connection
The installation of wire ropes, wooden or metal struts that connect the two inner corners of the bed frame diagonally with one another ensures a more even distribution of the load and thus has a stabilizing effect on the entire bed system.

Fixing the slatted frame
In particular, when there are strong movements in the bed, it can happen that the slatted frame moves with the bed frame and “works” against it if the slatted frame rests with some “play”. Here it makes sense to fix the slatted frame properly so that it can no longer slip and the highest possible stability is offered even with more dynamism in the bed.

Choose suitable bedding

If the bed equipment in the form of mattress and spring base is not optimally tailored to your own needs and / or does not fit the bed frame, this usually has a negative effect on the stability of the bed as a whole.

If you have a higher body weight, you should definitely use appropriately designed bed equipment. There is a wide range of XXL mattresses and slatted frames for overweight people to disposal. So that you can easily find your way around in our shop, we indicate the maximum possible weight load for each product. In this way you can be sure that the mattress and / or the slatted frame will fit your weight and that the end result will be a stable bed solution that you can sleep on with peace of mind. If you are not only looking for the right equipment for the special demands of a higher body weight, but also for a suitable bed frame with sufficient stability, you will also find a separate section in our shop with recommended models from all price ranges: Beds for overweight people .

Please note that a lot doesn’t always help a lot. Please do not opt ​​for an XXL bedding product if you are very much below the specified maximum body weight. In this case you will benefit from a very stable bed, which will probably last almost “forever”, but at the same time you will spend your nights under the most unfavorable ergonomic conditions, because you will most likely be lying on a board-like mattress.

Stable Beds 2