Save The Penguins, Collection of Lamps for a Good Cause

This design is curious of Alex Kozynets and your intention is good, it is the remind us of what is necessary to ‘save the penguins’, for all we know that climate change could have its consequences a decline in the population of penguins on the planet due to the increase in global temperature.

Save penguins It is therefore a collection of lamps that try that we should keep in mind that in that all can work together, to curb climate change, among other things, must reduce the emission of CO2, a behavior responsible citizen, together with the action of Governments, is essential to the solution.

The only problem that I see in these lamps is that or am I that I have very little imagination, or lamps not perish sympathetic birds, seeing them before know that it was, I would have never thought in penguins, and I understand that you ideally more, were recalling them to educate more people better, perhaps if instead of red, black and white… As you can see there are ceiling, table, and floor version.