The Turtles Led: Tips on How and Where You Use Them in Your Decor

When speaking of turtle come to mind the animal. But did you know that there are types of lighting fixtures, called “turtle”? The turtles LED have a cover that reminds of a hull, and light enough. Illuminate the rooms of the house is not always an easy task. The turtles LED’s are a great choice for those seeking a good lighting in the external areas of your home.

The Turtles Led Tips on How and Where You Use Them in Your Decor

The security that a good lighting brings has to be taken into account. You can avoid accidents from children falling into swimming pools at night as if it hurt in the garden, stumbling on some hose, in addition to prevent criminals to take advantage of the low lighting and try to invade the house. Lamps with the power of the turtles LED’s are recommended to all who seek a good security and aesthetics to your home. A garden can have its “face” changed with good lighting, making it more glamorous and bringing a up aesthetic to the home, when used in the exact locations.

Where to use

Condos and houses: The turtles LED are suitable for condos and houses, with outside areas very large. Help in the lighting of both the pool, as the walls and gardens, leaving the place more beautiful and secure.

Main advantages

Diffuser in polycarbonate: Has a high resistance to impact, excellent transparency, low weight and requires minimal maintenance. For being a material self-extinguishing polycarbonate prevents the spread of fire in case of accidents, and the gases generated are less toxic. It also has protection for anti UV, good aesthetic appearance and is more efficient in the aspect of heat.

LED: Developed with LED technology, the luminaires TURTLE LED G-light have great opening angle of the light path, providing a better distribution of the light. Following the trend of the use of the LED instead of fluorescent, provides better illuminance and produces less heat than the old models, such as halogen and incandescent bulbs. The durability can reach up to 15,000 hours, reducing the electrical energy consumption and the cost of maintenance.

Lamp Turtle Black or white 6000K AUTOVOLT

It is produced in polycarbonate, resistant to water splashes, making it ideal for installation in external areas (condos, gardens, terraces and walls). Can be installed external or internally. Has display sand blasted polycarbonate 100% virgin body and injected in PP (plastic of high resistance).

In addition to the tendency for the outer areas, the turtles LED become even more attractives for economy and durability. What do you think of take advantage and give a remodeled in the decoration?


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