Well Dressed Lamps of Angelika MoRlein

The floor lamps they are including more I like at the time of illuminate, especially for the living room, also for the bedroom, they provide an indirect light very nice, now in winter when we need artificial light on for many hours, thanks a soft light not so direct as of the ceiling lamps. These of Angelika Mörlein are the most original, lamps made with dresses very curious.

As you can see there are several models with dresses different, that bow-tie if the more serious, in pink and ties the most romantic … the truth is that in my house does not stick or with cola, but I found so funny that I have seen the need to share their photos, sure that there will also be someone who come that they nor for any space in your home decor-painted.

Perhaps we could even try to do something similar by We ourselves, have to find the way to put the dress on a previous screen and that it is well positioned, do not say that it is very easy but not impossible and by try it we lose nothing, so I see a few this afternoon trying to dress up the living room lamps … so no ideas missing you I leave a few pictures in Gallery.

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