Westwing Guide Foriron Chandelier

Lighting and its correct planning is what gives life and warmth to an environment, capable even of combining with certain pieces or highlighting them. For this, the lighting design of a house includes the choice of specific luminaires and designed to make the composition of the space as harmonious and pleasant as possible. It is at this time that the choice comes through the different models, colors, dimensions and functionalities.

Do you think of joining all these advantages in one piece, which, besides being useful, is super decorative? Then bet on the iron chandelier!Charming, elegant and versatile, it has the power to compose different rooms and give the decoration the style that best suits furniture and adornments. The Westwing shows the peculiarities of an iron chandelier and gives suggestions on how to apply it to create a sophisticated and original décor.

Variations Of Iron Luster

The iron chandelier is a wild item in the decoration , since besides being beautiful, it graces all kinds of environment. This feature is valid for any model of iron chandelier, since this raw material goes very well with other types of material, such as wood, glass or plastic .

The most classic iron chandeliers are cast iron and with “arms” that supportlamps or even candles. When its outline is drawn with shapes that resemble the arabesques and refer to the British colonial style, it is consideredProvencal.

However, the iron chandelier can also be modern and have a contemporary décor, especially if painted black or white and with straight lines and more tenuous. In this category, also enters the chandelier of iron decorated with crystals and flowers.


Defining whether your style is rustic, colonial, glamorous or shabby chic is not the most important detail among the choice factors of the piece because the eclectic feature of the chandelier always meets all these styles and results in beautiful compositions and sober.

Starting with the choice of the rooms, the ones that most require a décor with an iron lamp are the bedroom , home office and the living and dining rooms, since the iron chandeliers offer more intense light .

An iron chandelier is indicated to provide a rustic décor to the sleeping roomby its artisan character and also when composed with country objects. If the goal is to make the room more delicate and feminine, such as in shabby chic style, just use a white chandelier with a mixture of small roses between the lamps.

A home office with chrome iron chandelier will look modern and will serve as the highlight of the decor. You want glamor? Whether in the office or in the living and dining room, you’ll achieve a sophisticated effect if you use an iron chandelier with crystals to decorate.