Westwing Guide Formdf Chandelier

MDF is a composite of wood and resin designed to have uniform and variable density according to its purpose. MDF became popular in Brazil from the 90’s and began to be used in construction, furniture and even in handicrafts as a durable and economical alternative to solid wood. An example of an artifact made with the versatility of this material is the MDF chandelier, which you can customize your way.

The MDF chandelier is a great choice for those who like to customize the home and believe that lighting plays an important role in decoration. Instead of investing in traditional ceilings or elaborate chandeliers, anyone who opts for a MDF chandelier will see the myriad possibilities of design and finish, as well as being economical, durable and resistant to the heat of the lamp. Find out more about the MDF Chandelier Charm with the Westwing!

Types Of MDF For Chandeliers

MDF chandelier can be chosen already ready in building material stores specializing in electrical materials. Among the available options are finished with finish foil, which resemble the furniture produced in MDF. They are plates lined with a PVC sheet, which in furniture usually brings woody motifs. An MDF chandelier with PVC sheet may have neutral or vivid color, as long as it conforms to the color palette and the decorative style of the space.

There are options that are moisture resistant and have specific treatment for this. Take into account the resistance level of the plate, which should influence the value and quality of the product. Be sure to choose a thinner sheet of thinner you want to cut the piece, and the ones designed for craftsmanship are ideal for making the MDF chandelier.

Mdf Chandelier Decoration:

A well-decorated home depends, to a large extent, on the lighting chosen.Therefore, it is worth giving special attention to the chandeliers, pendants and lamps of their spaces, in order to provide the necessary visual comfort for each type of environment, so we detail the qualities of the MDF chandelier.

An MDF chandelier can be a great choice of ceiling lamp for more informal or modern decorations, depending on the type of coating or finish received by the wood board. Luxurious chandelier fans, for example, can find a handmade and economical alternative to MDF chandelier, which can be inspired by the design of more traditional chandeliers. With a suitable finish, such as metallic lacquer , and an efficient lamp installation, the result can be amazing!

MDF is also a great option ara buff to fourth baby, as the MDF p ermite the development of various formats, including leaked designs. Try building your own chandelier and creating images of the children’s universe to further embellish your little one’s space.

If you choose a pendant in MDF , cast stars can help the shadow play reflect the images in the entire room. Another option is to create a childish chandelier in the style of a mobile, centered in the baby’s room: creative and very cute. Inspire our tips and style with the MDF chandelier!