Westwing Guide Forstone Chandelier

Lighting is a deciding factor in home decorating. The chosen light points and supports are fundamental for determining the climate of the environment.Choosing the chandelier is one of the key points for you to achieve the desired effect for your décor. The stone chandelier is a very stylish piece that guarantees an intense brightness for the room. Inspired by crystal models, it ensures elegance and stamina.

The secret of a successful decoration is knowing how to combine elements, shapes and colors. Thinking about this, it is important to give the stone chandelier the highlight that this piece deserves. In addition, the finishes chosen for this product, are elements that give the differential the piece.Find out everything about this item in this exclusive page prepared by us from Westwing, Inspire yourself with the suggestions of who is expert in the universe of home and decoration.

About The Luster Of Stones

The chandeliers can make the decoration of an environment. This product need not conquer by size alone. A stone chandelier is a piece with a unique refinement for whatever the room. The look is similar to that of crystal chandeliers , however it is made up of simpler stones and they are more resilient.

How To Choose A Stone Chandelier

The stone buff is a fantastic product. However, before hitting the hammer and deciding which model to bring to your home, it is important to consider some information that makes all the difference.

The first point is to decide in which room the stone chandelier will be placed. This decision will help in choosing the size of the part.Environments with very high ceilings call for a greater stone chandelier, guaranteeing a brighter lighting and highlighting the piece. The stone chandelier is an excellent choice for the dining room , ensuring even more beauty for the decorating composition.

There are several design options for stone chandelier. Square, round, and models that use each pendant that makes up the piece to create spectacular designs. This bolder type of piece is ideal for houses with large entrances or large rooms.

The base of the stone chandelier can be made of different materials.These are combinations that provide distinct styles, creating a wide range of options. Metal models are the most commonly found. Whether it’s silver, gold or copper, made of stones, these materials provide even greater brilliance. There are also unusual combinations, such as the use of wood as the base of the chandelier. This contrast between the rustic and the exquisite, guarantee a unique effect for the room.

Complete Illumination

The chandelier of stones is undoubtedly a product of great personality for decoration. But, not all environments require the same type or only one illumination. Closer spaces require weaker intensity. For the social areas, the desired effect is the opposite. So in addition to the stone chandelier, you can think of other lighting fixtures. The pendant and the washer are complementary items, which guarantee several styles for the same environment.