Westwing Guide Forsynthetic Fiber Luster

The synthetic fiber chandelier offers well-lit spaces with impeccable décor. If you want to give a natural look in the décor, this is a good choice for indoor environments, as the synthetic fiber chandelier manages to combine beauty, material quality and an amazing light effect-all in one piece. Versatile, this chandelier is suitable for reproducing rustic, minimalist, natural chic, contemporary styles and many others.

Have a lush and full of personality with the synthetic fiber chandelier, durable material, easy cleaning and maintenance and with the advantage of being able to reproduce the beauty of natural fiber with mastery. It’s time to check out the tips that we at Westwing put together for a unique lighting project. Discover how to use the natural fiber chandelier and make your home a true decoration experience!

Lighting With Style

Chandeliers and luminaires are essential in any residential lighting project. In addition to direct light, think indirect lighting, focal and even decorative. In this way, the various lamp holders do a quality job so that you can define how the lighting of this environment will be.

For those who like a style with more freshness and elegance the synthetic fiber chandelier is much needed. Mainly for lighting projects the synthetic fiber is highly requested. That’s because its factory-developed material is highly resistant to high and low temperatures. In addition, its practicality for cleaning and maintenance makes the synthetic fiber chandelier the ideal piece.

How To Use Synthetic Fiber Luster

The synthetic fiber chandelier harmonizes well with styles that dialogue with cool pieces. This is the case of rustic, Provencal, shabby chic styles, among others. However, it is also worth bringing the natural fiber chandelier to a more contemporary proposal-using variations of colors and shapes.

The dining room chandeliers are curvilinear to highlight the beauty of the table and elevate the lighting of the space. Leave aside those with a round shape, which can decrease the light quality of the place. If the dining room is rustic, the synthetic fiber chandelier deserves a traditional braid and raw placement. Now if the type of decoration has a modern touch and you want to leave with a more bare air worth opting for a more closed braid and dark color.

This rule also holds true for kitchen chandeliers-however, think of vibrant colors in the synthetic fiber chandelier. As the material is sturdy and does not fade, having a color in the kitchen will give joy and leave the environment even more beautiful.

The synthetic fiber room chandelier can be used with a more closed structure, to focus on different spaces. Choose the synthetic fiber chandelier in brown, a more versatile color that matches various decorating styles. In the bedroom, opt for a light-colored synthetic fiber chandelier that will ensure a cozy feeling. It is worth to have a main synthetic fiber chandelier and other smaller ones to highlight the beauty of the dresser and the closet. Thus, the decoration will be complete.