Westwing Guide Tolampião

The lighting design, as well as the lamps in general, have different forms of light and cause different effects, now for a soft and indirect light, or for strong and diffused lighting. This is possible with the arrival of infinite models of luminaire to the market, which combine with any decoration.Even so, some modern decorative techniques and possibilities rescue remote forms of light, such as the lantern, a peculiar alternative to bring clarity and coziness.

As a kind of lantern or lamp and with the same aesthetic function of a Moroccan lantern, the lamp exists for conveniences that go beyond lighting, as is the case of its use as an ornament. In addition, the current lighting and decoration market gave the piece a new design and special forms of ornament. In the Westwing, inspirations are not lacking for the lantern! Get to know the following types, curiosities and applications in décor!

Utilities And Models Of Lampião

The history of the lantern comes from centuries and has traveled all continents; in China, it was used with fireflies as the main source of light.The piece has also passed through empires and nobles from various countries, illuminating the interior of carriages for night transport or for nautical signage. The lantern was also part of the history of England, allowing the expansion of the working day of the factories of the country.

If for you lantern did not mean anything until today or served only to give light to environments without lighting or at home when there is lack of energy, you can see that this concept will change, is not it ?! The advantage of the lantern goes beyond what we imagine. Here in Brazil, for example, it is not today that it guarantees brightness to camps or during a trip to the mountains-let the Boy Scouts say it!

With its charming handle and the particular transparency for irradiation of the light, the lantern can be found with different types, dimensions and formats. The materials that make it up are glass, metal, aluminum, iron or copper, painted with colors that vary between the tone of the material itself or with shades of black, white, red, blue, pink and orange, which make the lamp even more graceful.

Lampião X Modernidade

It is natural for the lantern to be remembered as a retrograde part. Its major versions were actually invented years ago; the gas lantern, for example, is one of the most used models and was born in 1972. Kerosene (simple and pressure) lamps and candle lamps are also old and widely used. For all three, care should be taken with maintenance and use, such as checking the wick or wick size, fuel quantity, and condition of the glass, filter, and lantern gaskets.

Even with this variety of lamp types, the accessory has been reinvented and today exists in modern and even technological options. One of the most purchased and useful types is the LED lamp; its design is bold, adjustable brightness and the drive works with a simple button. In addition, the length of this lamp model is much longer, since it is battery-base or self-recharging system.

The Lamp And The DÉCor

The lamp is a super easy piece to be applied in the decoration , because it combines with any object, color, texture and environment, especially the old lamp. Just know how to harmonize it with the set of elements that it will certainly provide charm and elegance. Not to mention that a decorative lamp is not only for the décor of the home, also contributing with the arrangement of events and special occasions.

A good alternative is to decorate a dresser or dresser with a composition of three lanterns of turquoise metal with candle lighting ; the monochrome combination will leave the environment light and cozy. A chrome mini lamp or several of it is also an incredible tip for those who want to adopt romantic and subtle styles, such as the rustic and shabby chic.

In this case, it is possible to use it in one corner of the coffee table or bookcase in the living room or hanging in the garden, creating a feminine and delicate effect. Try it!